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Search, Filter, and Sort Candidates within a Stage
Search, Filter, and Sort Candidates within a Stage

How to search, filter and sort candidates within a stage of your hiring pipeline.

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Every job created in TalentLyft will be visible in your main Track window. You can edit filters to customize your job list. If you choose, you can list only certain jobs, that have certain job statuses or that are linked to a certain location.

Each of these jobs will have their pipeline stages visible. By clicking on one of them, with at least one candidate in it, will open the list of candidates in that stage.

Here you can sort, search or filter candidate applications for the selected stage.

Candidate Search

You can Search candidates by name or by #tag.
When searching by name, you can do it by entering a candidate's full name or just first or last name.

Searching by #tag is shown on the image below. Before you write the tag you wish to filter by, write # to search by that tag.

Candidate Filtering

You can filter candidates by Source or by Answers. Click on the Filter icon and you can choose the filter you wish to apply.

  • Source - by the source of the application, how that candidate applied (Careers page or Referral, Social network, etc.) for a job or was he/she sourced by someone.

  • Answers - by answer/s that the candidate gave to the screening question on his/her application form

Sorting Candidates

Sorting candidates within a stage can be done by clicking on the Sort option, as pictured below.

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