Adding Tags to Your TalentLyft Account

Better organize your database by adding custom candidate, job and article tags to your TalentLyft account

Updated over a week ago

To better organize and optimize your hiring process, we made it possible to add tags to candidates and their applications, jobs and articles. Tags act as an identifying value that will help you group and filter candidates in your database. This will make searching for relevant candidates faster and much easier. As well, adding tags to the jobs you are posting and articles you are writing will help you filter them more easily.

NOTE: You can also add tags to applications and candidates in bulk (to more than one candidate at a time).

To add a new tag to your TalentLyft account, so you could later add it to your candidates, jobs or articles click on your avatar icon, and select App settings.

On the left side of your screen, click on Tags and the window for adding, editing, or removing tags will open.

NOTE: You will also see the total number of candidates that have that tag on them.
To add a tag to your list, click on the add icon, located in the upper right corner. Enter the name of your new tag and click Save. After the tag is saved, it will be visible on your list.

To rename (edit) an existing tag or delete one, click on the pen icon (editing) or the trash bin icon (for deleting) for that tag.

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