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Tagging Candidate Profiles
Updated over a week ago

To better organize your candidate database and to make it easier for you to search for relevant candidates, we made it possible to add custom tags to one or more candidates through bulk actions.
​NOTE: The added tag will be visible on all applications by that candidate.

To add tags to candidates, click on Engage, then got to the Candidates tab.

Select the candidates you wish to add tags to. After one or more candidates are selected, click on the more options button, located in the upper right side of your screen, and select the Add tags option.

From the list, select the tag/s you wish to add to selected candidate/s and click on the Add tags button to save your changes.

After you added a tag/s, they will be visible when reviewing the candidate, as shown on the image below.

To remove a tag, simply click on the X icon, next to that tag. That tag will be removed from all applications made by that candidate.

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