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Logging Your Candidate Activities
Logging Your Candidate Activities

Learn how to log candidate activities to keep track of your candidate engagement.

Updated over a week ago

Your calls, interviews, meetings and emails can all be logged in TalentLyft. That way, you can keep track of your candidate engagement and the outcome of each activity, even if you didn't get in touch with them.

To leave a record of an activity with a candidate, regarding his/her application, open the stage where the candidate application you want to interact with is located.

From the list of applications in that stage, click on the one that you want to log an activity with to open the candidate application window.

When your candidate application is selected, you will see their information in the main window, in the middle of the screen. Now Click the Activities tab and select the Add an activity option (the pen icon).

There are also other candidate activity options that you can choose to interact with a candidate or an application:

To add a record of activity, enter the required information for that activity type. The activity types are Call, Interview, Meeting, and Email.

Interview, Meeting, and Email have the same required information: Date, Time, and Description.
The Call option has one more and that is Outcome. From the drop-down menu, you can pick one of the outcome options.

When your interaction is saved and logged, it will be visible in the activity feed.

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