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Logging Candidate Activities
Logging Candidate Activities
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To improve communication between colleagues, and by doing so, improve communication with your candidates, we made it possible for you to log your candidate activities. Your activities will appear in the activity feed automatically, but logging activity will give you more options and you can add descriptions to interactions, your feedback on that activity, something that is not visible on the activity feed.

To log a candidate activity, click on Engage and go to the Candidates tab.

Select the candidate with whom you wish to log an activity.

On the candidate information window, click on the pen icon to add an activity.

When logging an activity, you need to enter the following information:

  • Date – the calendar will open and you can pick a date of the activity

  • Time – pick a time, when did the activity happen

  • Activity type – was it a call, interview, meeting or an email

  • Outcome (only available when the activity type is Call) – what was the outcome of your call (were you able to reach the candidate, was the line busy, was it a wrong number, did you leave a voicemail, etc.)

  • Description – here you can write down important information about the activity you had with your candidate.

After the activity is logged, it will be visible on the activity feed for that candidate.

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