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How to Add a Task on a Selected Candidate
How to Add a Task on a Selected Candidate

Schedule tasks for yourself or other colleagues regarding a selected candidate.

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In TalentLyft, you can schedule tasks for yourself or other colleagues (that use TalentLyft). This is used to improve communication between users when reviewing and evaluating candidates throughout the hiring pipeline.

To add a task for your colleagues (or yourself), click on Engage and then on the Candidates tab.

Select the candidate, to open the candidate information window for that candidate.

In the candidate information window, click on the notepad icon to assign a task to that candidate.

Assign a task window will open.
Here you enter the following mandatory information:

  • Title of the created task

  • The due date for the created task

  • Name the team member you have assigned a task to

Other fields are optional:

  • Notes – option to leave a note. It can be a description of the task you assigned to your team member.

  • Task type – what kind of a task is it. It can be a Call, Email, Evaluation, or a Todo (something that has to be done but doesn’t belong to any of the earlier groups).

  • Set a reminder – you can set a reminder for the assigned task.

After you save the changes made, the new task will be visible on the activity feed, as shown in the images below. It will be visible in the All tab and the Tasks tab.

The task will also be visible in Tasks, located in the upper right corner of your dashboard.

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