Tasks - Reviewing and Monitoring Your Tasks
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Tasks are a feature that enables you to create assignments for yourself or your teammates. You can assign asks either through the ATS part or the CRM part of TalentLyft.
You can view all tasks on your plate by clicking on the Tasks icon in the navigation bar.

Clicking on the icon will open the Tasks window. You can search your tasks by name, select the type that will be displayed, and the status of the tasks that will be displayed.

Task types are: Todo, Calls, Emails, and Evaluations, and an option to include All types.
Task statuses are: Open tasks, Today, This week, Overdue, Completed.

By clicking on the task, you will open the note that was left by the person who assigned you that task.

When you have completed the task assigned to you, click on the check mark, for that task, to complete it in TalentLyft.

To reopen a completed task, for the status select Completed and click on the reopen icon for the task you wish to reopen.

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