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Importing candidate data from Legacy ATS
Importing candidate data from Legacy ATS

Learn how to migrate your data from a prior system

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Data migration is currently provided for different applicant tracking systems. A complete, well-structured export of your job and candidate data would need to be provided to facilitate this migration. Contact your previous ATS to request necessary information about your data export, such as how to obtain it, what data it includes, and how long it will take to receive it.

1. Conclude and finish your activities on the previous ATS

Before you share your data with us, we highly recommend that you go ahead and finalize any ongoing activity on your current ATS. This will ensure that the data you transfer is the most recent and up-to-date, avoiding any missing candidates or job information. Any data created in your legacy ATS after the data export has been completed will not be included in the migration and will have to be manually added to your TalentLyft account. Please feel free to contact our Customer Success team to help you set up a smooth transition plan.

2. Request your full data export from your legacy ATS

Request a data export of your account and share it with your Customer Success Manager in TalentLyft. The data export should consist of the following:

  • A CSV and XML file set with candidates and job information.

  • A folder with candidates' attachments, depending on the ATS.

3. Data mapping

Once the data processing is complete, we'll provide you with the information on the data available for import and estimated timelines. Also, we'll go through the data mapping to ensure the candidate information from your previous ATS is imported into the proper fields available in TalentLyft.

4. Data migration

Once the data mapping is finished and confirmed, and after we let you know, we will move ahead with the complete migration of your data.

5. Reviewing the imported data

To ensure all the data is imported correctly, please review the information.
Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Success team for any issues with the imported data.

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