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Candidate Data Import Options

If you already have a candidate database, compare your candidate data migration options

Updated over a week ago

After you have started using TalentLyft, and you are going through the implementation process, there is one thing to keep in mind, and that is the data migration of your old candidate database.

NOTE: This isn’t necessary, but it will enable you to keep your old candidates and import them to TalentLyft.

There are different ways of importing your old data, depending on your needs:

Data import option

Suited for

How to

Available for

Bulk CV upload

If you have a folder of individual resumes stored on your desktop which you need to upload in TalentLyft in bulk

Use bulk upload option to add up to 50 resumes at a time

All plans

CSV data import

If you have candidate data in a spreadsheet, with or without resumes

All plans (one-time free import)

Legacy ATS data migration

If you have a data export from another ATS system, and you cannot apply them to our Import template

Check this guide and contact our Customer Success team with the details of your request

All plans (one-time free migration)

Using our API

If you want to have the most freedom when importing your old data

Check our API docs

All plans

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