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How to Edit or Cancel Scheduled Events?
How to Edit or Cancel Scheduled Events?

Learn how to update or delete your scheduled events with candidates.

Updated over a week ago

You can edit or cancel previously scheduled events, through a few easy steps.
Every event you schedule in TalentLyft will appear on the candidates’ activity feed.

Click on the Activities tab and select the All tab or the Meetings tab.

NOTE: If you click the Meetings tab, you will only see scheduled events and it will make it easier for you to find the event you want to edit or cancel.

This is how it will look like through Track.

This is how it will look like through Engage.

NOTE: If you are opening a candidate’s profile through Engage, you don’t need to switch to the Activities tab. The activity feed will be visible, as soon as you open the candidate’s profile.

Every event you have scheduled, will have 2 icons next to it. The pen icon, for editing scheduled events and the X icon, for canceling scheduled events.
There is, also a calendar icon on the left side, so you can find them faster.

NOTE: You can only edit or cancel events that you scheduled, and only events that are active (their Time is not set in the past).

When you click on the Pen icon, it will open the Edit meeting window. There you can edit your event.

Clicking on the X icon will open an additional window, where TalentLyft will ask you to confirm your decision to cancel the event.

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