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Create New or Edit Existing Scorecard Templates
Create New or Edit Existing Scorecard Templates

Create new or edit existing scorecard templates that you will use to evaluate your candidates

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Scorecards are sets of questions or guidelines, used to assess candidates' skills and knowledge at any stage of the selection process.

Each scorecard should focus on a specific area important for the job and help the recruiter to determine the overall quality of the candidate.

Scorecards can be added to the pipeline stages of your hiring process and they are available for evaluation when evaluating applications. When using scorecards, you are making your interview process more structured and, by doing so, you will be able to better compare candidates and their answers to find the best candidate for that job.

To create a scorecard template, click on your avatar icon, then select App settings.

Select Scorecard templates, from the list, and the Scorecard templates window will open.

Click on the add button to open the Edit scorecard template window.

The following information is mandatory when adding your scorecard template:

  • Scorecard name

NOTE: To add new questions to a section, just click on the Section name area

To add a section, click on Add section and you will add a new section to your scorecard template.

To delete a section, click on the trash bin icon for that section.

To edit or delete an existing template, click on the pen icon (for editing) or the trash bin (for deleting).


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