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Add New or Edit Existing Departments

Add new or edit existing departments to better organize your job management and to assign jobs to departments

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In TalentLyft, your jobs are connected to departments in which the job position is located. You can add departments and sub-departments to better organize your hiring process. You can add users to your account, that can only see jobs in departments that you want them to see. You can filter jobs by department, making it easier for you to find all jobs that are in the same department.

To add new or to edit existing departments, click on your avatar icon, then select App settings.

Select the Departments option, from the list, and the customization window will open.

To add a department, click on the add button, located in the upper right corner of your screen. The new window will open where you can enter the department's name.

After saving your changes, the new department will be visible on the list of available departments.

To add a sub-department, hover over the department you wish to add a sub-department to and you will see three options, add, edit and delete. Clicking on the Add option will open the New department window, where you enter the department name and save the changes made.

Departments that have a sub-department under them will have a drop-down arrow by their name. Clicking on the arrow will expand the drop-down view, where you can see the sub-departments. You can add departments under the sub-department and it will look like this.

To delete a department/sub-department, click on the trash bin, for the department that you want to delete.

NOTE: Deleting the main department will also delete all the sub-departments in it.

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