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The first step in your hiring process and formalization of the hiring flow

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This article will help you set up and activate the Job requisition add-on. This feature will help formalize the hiring flow within your organization and make sure all the formal steps are followed before you create a new job in Track.

  • Activate the add-on in your App settings

Go to your App settings and open Job requisition section to activate the add-on. Activate the switch named "Use Job requisitions" and the following window will appear:

In case you have used Job Requisitions in another tool before TalentLyft and would like to continue the number roll, you can use the same code format and continue the numbers from where you last stopped.

  • You are now ready to add your first Job Requisition, which is located in the Track module:

In case you didn't activate the feature in the settings previously, don't worry, you will get this message and will be able to do it on the spot:

  • Create your first Job Requisition by clicking on the add button:

  • You will need to complete two steps. The first step will be to choose if you wish to create a Job Requisition for an existing job, if so, you will need to pick a job to connect it to, or to create a completely new job.

    Fill in the required information in step 2 and send the Job Requisition for approval.

  • Once created, Job Requisitions will have the following statuses:

The ones that you are waiting for your approval or rejection will look like this:

  • The Requisition will be considered "Filled" once you hire a candidate for that particular job.
    While moving the candidate to the Hired stage, you will need to fill out the following information:

    Please note that bulk hiring is not possible with the Job Requisition, as the salary details and starting date may differ from candidate to candidate:

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