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Custom Fields

Find out how to customize your application to suit your needs

Updated over a week ago

Custom Fields is an option that enables you to manually customize an application according to your needs to receive and highlight the wanted information about your candidates.

To access Custom fields, go to App settings - Custom fields.

Once there, you can choose between Candidate fields and Application fields.

Candidate fields are fields that are tied to the candidate's profile. With these custom fields, you can acquire additional information about your candidates, such as the country where they are currently living in.

These fields can always be viewed in the candidate's profile. If you have multiple open job positions and a candidate has applied for all of them, their custom fields answers will be visible in every job position they applied for.

Application fields are fields through which you can acquire additional information about a candidate regarding a specific job position they applied for. The main difference here is that the application fields can only be accessed via the track section.

This is because if you have multiple open job positions, you can set the expected salary as one of the questions. If a candidate applies for multiple positions, they may give multiple different answers.

In both cases, you have multiple options in setting your questions. You can make it so that the candidate answers on the allotted line, selects an answer, or drops a URL link or specific file.

To create a new custom field, click on the Add button.

You will have to fill in certain information:

  • Question Type - options to set a specific question up. It can be single or multiple line texts, one or multiple-choice, or adding URL links, locations, and dates.

  • Visible to - who can see the question. It can be set so that everyone sees it or just the administrators.

  • Provider - who can give the wanted information, the candidate and the recruiter or just the recruiter.

  • Custom field location - if you want candidates to see the custom field as a part of the application form, in which section filed will be displayed (personal data, professional data, or a screening question).

  • Field - a place to input your question.

  • Custom field description - giving a short explanation of the custom field for everyone to understand the point and nature of the field.

Once you've created the desired field, click Save. Your custom field is created and ready to be used.

If you wish to access or edit a candidate field, you can find both Candidate and Application custom fields on a candidate's profile.

You can also filter candidates in Engage module by the information provided in the candidate custom fields.

For example, you can search for all candidates with a driver's license.

Application fields are the second option you can set up via Custom fields in your App settings. The process is the same as for Candidate fields.

Once you've set these up, you can use them on any pre-existing job or add them to a new job application. To add these fields to an existing job, go to your job's editor and skip to the Application form.

NOTE: If you have the Provider field set as Recruiter, the option to add a custom field to your application forms will not be possible. This option is only possible when the Provider field is set as Candidate or Recruiter.

You can see the added application forms in the job application.

If you want to filter one or more application fields, you can do so via the track option. Click on a stage within the pipeline you want to filter, and then click on the funnel symbol above the candidate profiles. You can then filter by using your custom filters.

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