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Getting Started as Administrator
Getting Started as Administrator

Welcome to TalentLyft! We are happy you are here!

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We know that beginnings can be hard, but we are here to help you. Whether you are using an ATS for the first time or you have experience with similar tools, we are here to guide you to success with TalentLyft.

Create your career site

As a TalentLyft user, you should connect your website with TalentLyft to start receiving applications in your TalentLyft ATS. First, you will need to decide which way of connecting TalentLyft with a career site you will use. Most of our customers create a career site in the TalentLyft Convert module, but you can also use our JS widget or API if you want to keep your own career site. This article will help you to make the decision.

If you decide to create a career site in TalentLyft, we recommend you start with the general setup and the header section. After that, move on to the Job section, and add additional sections.

Start hiring

  1. Create your first job in TalentLyft.

  2. Find the job you created in the Track dashboard.

  3. Experience the application process by applying to your newly created job.

  4. Take a look at your test application in TalentLyft Track.

  5. Interact or schedule an activity with your candidate. To interact with more than one candidate at a time, use bulk actions.

  6. Hire a candidate. Move one candidate to a Hire stage and disqualify the rest. After that, archive that job.

Congratulations, you have finished your first hiring process!!! You are now ready to start hiring on a larger scale.

Customize your TalentLyft account

  1. Customize your personal settings.

  2. Edit the stages of your hiring pipeline.

  3. Add custom rejection reasons for candidate disqualification.

  4. Add departments to organize your hiring process in TalentLyft better

  5. Add email templates to your TalentLyft account.

  6. Set up your auto response messages that will be sent to candidates after
    they apply for a position, and after they are disqualified.

  7. Add new team members to make your hiring process easier and more effective.

  8. Set up your GDPR settings for your TalentLyft account

Data migration

Please get in touch with our support team to start the data migration process. Instructions for the data migration process can be found here.

Onboarding & Training

TalentLyft is very user-friendly to help you get adjusted as fast as possible. More about our onboarding & training options can be found here.

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