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Career Site - Sections, General Overview
Career Site - Sections, General Overview

All pages in TalentLyft Convert are made of sections, learn which sections are available and how to use them

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To send a clearer message and to better share your company culture and your vision with your visitors, you can add custom sections to your career pages.

With TalentLyft convert editor, you can have more than one page. Each page can be further customized, with different sections, to give them different theme and purpose.
To see which sections are available and to pick which of them will you use as a part of your page, first, open the Career site editor.

Select the website you wish to edit, by clicking on that website.

By default, it will open your Homepage editor.

NOTE: If you want to edit another page, click on the back arrow, next to the Pages text, and select another the page you wish to add sections to.

To add sections to your page, click on the + Add section text and pick a section that you want to use on this page.

NOTE: The other way to add a new section to your page is to hover over the existing section (on the main window) and click on the + button that will appear. The new section will be added after the one you were hovering your mouse cursor over.

The following sections are available for you to add to your pages:
โ€‹NOTE: Most of the sections have more than one layout type.


Any text or image can be added to this section. Tell your visitors an interesting story about you, show it to them in a form of an image or a text and give them a compelling argument about why they should join you.


Similar to the Text/Picture section, but you can add videos to this section.


Use pictures to present yourself to your visitors. You could use pictures of your team buildings or show them your work spaces and much more to better show them who you are as a company.


Create a video gallery. You can add videos that you have previously uploaded to another site. It works similarly to the Gallery section, only with videos.


You can use this section for short introduction of your team. Add photos of your team members and provide basic information about them.


Show your potential candidates what your current employees have to say about your company. Also, you could add testimonials from pleased customers.


You can use this section to list perks and benefits that your potential employees will get. It can be also used to present some statistical information about your company.


You can use this section to list your company departments and to link them together by linking department pages (if you have them).


Here you can list events, milestones or other values, one after the other. You can list events to show how you grew as a company or can use it to display the stages of your hiring process.


Here you can show your visitors or potential candidates, where they'd need to come to an interview or where they'd be working if you hire them.


Here you can publish blog articles. You can write articles about your company, your employees, company culture, and other things that you think might be interesting to your visitors.


Use this section to display all the jobs you've created in TalentLyft. You'd want this to be simple so candidates can easily find the job they are searching for.


Increase your talent pool by adding custom forms. By filling out a form, your visitors will end up in your talent pool, and will willingly give their consent for data retention and processing with the purpose of future employment.


Add a call to action button that has a custom button text and leads to the selected page or an URL.

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