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Creating, Editing and Deleting Pages for Your Career Site
Creating, Editing and Deleting Pages for Your Career Site

Learn how to create or edit pages from your TalentLyft Convert page editor

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When you create your first TalentLyft Website, you will have one page on it and that is your Homepage. Since your Career site can have multiple Pages, making it more structured and connected without putting all the content on one page.

You can have one Homepage; one Blog page; if you are a hiring agency, you can have a page for each client that you are hiring for; you can put your Form on a different page and have a couple of articles about your company there, or show your company culture.

Each Page can have a different purpose and can be further customized with different sections.

To access your Page settings in your Career site editor, click on Edit career site while you are on your Convert screen.

Select the website for which you want to add new or edit existing pages for.

Go back one step to open the Page settings window.

There are three sections on your left sidebar:

  • Main navigation – the list of pages that are available through the navigation options, that are linked and connected under your website
    NOTE: Main navigation will only be visible if you have selected layout 3 or 4 in the Header section editor, for the page you are editing.

  • Not linked pages – pages that do not appear in the navigation bar

To add a new page to your website, click on the + icon next to the Main navigation section (for the page to be visible on your navigation bar) or next to the Not linked pages (for the pages that do not appear in the main navigation bar).

When adding a new page, you will have two options, to add a blank page or to add a template page.

NOTE: Template pages have sections already added to them. Those sections can be further edited and you can add new sections.

After you click on the Next button, you will need to enter the following information to Finish the new page creation process:

  • Page name – name the page. This will be only visible on your sidebar menu.

  • Page title – label the page. How will your visitors see it in the navigation bar.

  • Relative URL - the extension to your public URL link that will lead to that page

After you have completed your page creation, it will appear on the list of pages, in Draft status.

To Publish it, to make it publicly visible, click on the name of the Page, and on the bottom of the page, click on the drop-down arrow and select the Published status.

NOTE: When the page is published, it will have a green circle next to it.

Every Page, except for the System pages, will have 3 options next to them:

  • Open preview – opens the public link. Here you can check how it looks like to your visitors, when the page is made public.

NOTE: When your preview is opened, you will be able to see the public URL for that page. You can use that public URL to connect that page with other sites outside TalentLyft.

  • Page settings – set up your page’s basic settings like sidebar name, public title, and relative URL. There are also SEO and Social settings like the page’s meta title and meta description; and an option to select the preview and share image for your page. The ideal share image dimensions are 1200x&30 pixels.

  • Delete page – option to delete a selected page

When you are happy with how your page is displayed and how it is labeled in your navigation bar, it is time to add sections to it and personalize it even more.

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