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Set up your Careers Site with employer branding, videos, and tracking scripts
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TalentLyft Careers Page - Text/Picture SectionAdd texts and images to your careers page to encourage potential candidates to apply
TalentLyft Careers Page - Gallery SectionAdd a Photo gallery section to your careers page to tell a story in images
TalentLyft Careers Page - Team SectionUse the Team section to introduce yourself to potential candidates
TalentLyft Careers Page - Quotes SectionMake sure careers page visitors know how awesome your employees think your company is
TalentLyft Careers Page - Locations SectionShow your candidates where you are on the map
Set Up Your Domain for the TalentLyft Career SiteSet up a CNAME record to make your TalentLyft career site accessible via your own domain
Navigation Through the Career Website BuilderTalentLyft career website has multiple layers - learn how to navigate between them
Managing WebsitesWhat are Websites in the context of TalentLyft Convert and how to manage them?
Keeping Track of Created Career Site Pages and an Option to Quickly Edit ThemKeeping track of created Career site pages and an option to quickly edit them
Creating, Editing and Deleting Pages for Your Career SiteLearn how to create or edit pages from your TalentLyft Convert page editor
TalentLyft Careers Page - Text/Video SectionAdd texts and videos to your careers page to encourage potential candidates to apply
TalentLyft Careers Page - Videos SectionShare videos with your visitors using the Videos section
TalentLyft Careers Page - Articles SectionLearn how to customize and edit your Blog Articles section
TalentLyft Careers Page - Grid SectionDisplay some facts about your company or tell the visitors how you care about your employees by utilizing icons to make your page lively
TalentLyft Careers Page - Groups SectionGroup your departments, partner companies or clients and link them to their dedicated pages
TalentLyft Careers Page - Timeline SectionHow to customize your career page's Timeline section
TalentLyft Careers Page - Form SectionMake it easier for your visitors to become a part of your talent network by adding Forms to your career site
TalentLyft Careers Page - CTA SectionCustomize your CTA section and attract visitors to click that button
Adding Custom Fonts to Your Career SiteLearn how to manually add custom fonts to your career site using custom CSS
Custom CSS and JSCustomize and personalize your career site by adding custom CSS and JS.
Multiple WebsitesLearn how to create multiple websites for every brand and language