Managing Websites

What are Websites in the context of TalentLyft Convert and how to manage them?

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After you open the Career site editor, you will have the option to create a website for your Career site.

You can have more than one website, with only one company account in TalentLyft. That way, you can have different career sites for other company brands or have a career site in more than one language, etc.

To add a new website, you will need to enter/select the following:

  • Name – website’s name

  • Logo – your company or brand logo

  • Style and Color – which style and colors will be used for your website

  • Links to your main website and social network profiles – links to your social network profiles

  • Add initial pages – add initial pages that will be a part of your website. You can add new ones at a later time if you choose.

Website options

After you have created your website, you will open the website editor, which is located at the left side of your screen.

There are 3 navigation options:

  • Back to websites – you will go back to your website list, and edit existing or add new websites.

  • Pages – you can open the Pages editor and add new or edit existing pages for your website

  • Settings – you can edit your website settings, like your logo, website colors, links to social network profiles and add custom CSS and Javascript to your site.

Additional website options

At the bottom left corner of your screen, you can change the view for your page. This will help you to better organize your websites to be more mobile-friendly. There are also two other options, to switch to another website and to close the sidebar.

In the upper right corner of your screen, you can find the Settings button and your Profile icon.

Clicking on Settings will open your Global website settings.

By clicking on your Profile icon, you will open your profile settings, similar to the ones in TalentLyft app.

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