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Making your first steps in setting up your Career site in TalentLyft

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Each Company account in TalentLyft has access to its own Career site that can be edited and branded to better reflect your company brand.

When you open the Career site editor for the first time the setup wizard will guide you through the initial setup. If you want to further edit your setting, you can do it from the Settings section.

To access your website settings, click on Settings while you are on your website editor page.

NOTE: To access your website settings, after you have opened the Career site editor, go back two steps until you see the Settings section on the left sidebar.

Basic settings

Here you can edit your Website name (only visible to you and other colleagues), Language, Logo and Favicon.

  • Website name – only visible to you and your colleagues, to make navigation through the Career site editor easier;

  • Language – select the language of your career site;

  • Logo – upload your company logo that will appear on your career site;

  • Favicon - upload your company favicon.

Colors and typography

To access the Colors and typography settings, click on the Settings section of your website editor and click on Colors and typography.

Here you can edit your career site colors and select your text font.

  • Brand color - set the color of your company's brand;

  • Headers - set the color of headers on your careers page;

  • Subheaders - set the color of subheaders on your careers page;

  • Text color - set the color of texts on your careers page;

  • Typography- set the font style which will be used for all text, headers, and subheaders.

Web and social links

Here you can link your career site to your company website and with your company social media profiles.

After you have linked them, links will appear in the upper right corner of your header section.

NOTE: This will depend on the header layout you have selected. By default, this layout will be selected. If you have previously changed the header layout, you can change it back by clicking on the edit Header icon that appears when you hover your mouse cursor over the header section.

Advanced settings

The majority of elements that are located on your career site, you can add, edit, reorganize through our simple CMS, as for others, you can use the Custom CSS and Custom Javascript options to customize and brand your career site.
​NOTE: The only prerequisite is that you have some programming knowledge, or you can ask your developers or programmers for help. 😊

The next step is to add new sections to your career site. Here you can find the list of available sections and links to articles that explain each of them.

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