How to Change My Career Site Logo?

Learn how to start branding your career site by adding your own company logo to your TalentLyt career site.

Updated over a week ago

One of the first things you should do when branding your TalentLyft career site is to upload your own company logo.

To upload your company logo, open the Career site editor. Click on Convert and then click on the Edit career site option, located in the upper right corner of your screen.

Click on the website for which you would like to change the logo.

NOTE: You will probably have only one website and the Create another website option.

After you have opened the Page settings, go back to the main website editor. You can do this by clicking on the back arrow two times.

Now, click on Settings and go to Basic settings.

In the Basic settings menu, you can upload a new career site logo, simply by dragging the image file onto the upload Logo section or by clicking the Choose a file button and selecting the file you wish to upload from your computer.

NOTE: The maximum file size of the logo image is 0.2MB and the recommended height is 50px.

After you have successfully uploaded your company logo (it will appear in the Logo section), click on the Save button to save your changes.

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