Integrate TalentLyft with Your Career Site

Attract talent and boost applications with careers pages that put your brand and jobs in the spotlight.

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TalentLyft provides access for your website visitors so they can view your job listings. After you Publish your jobs, they will automatically be posted on your career site. You can select from one of three ways to show your TalentLyft jobs on your website.

NOTE: TalentLyft Analytics are supported only for the TalentLyft career site integration, while the other two options (JavaScript Widget and TalentLyft API) do not support Analytics data tracking.

TalentLyft career site

With the TalentLyft Convert editor, you can have more than one page. Each page can be further customized with different sections, to give them a different theme and purpose.

You can brand your TalentLyft career site and edit it to resemble your company brand with your company logo, colors, fonts, etc.

All this can be achieved through our easy to use CMS (content management system), which means, you can edit your new website yourself, without any help from your developers.

NOTE: You can add custom fonts and further edit the layout of your website with Custom CSS and JavaScript. You can also set up a subdomain like "" and use it as a custom domain for your TalentLyft careers site.

To make your TalentLyft career site accessible for your visitors, you will need to link your career site with your main company website.

JavaScript Widget

Integration method that includes adding a Job Widget to your career site. You will need to generate an HTML/JAVASCRIPT code in TalentLyft and copy it to your careers page code.

After you copy the code, your jobs will automatically appear on your career site every time you create a new position and will be removed if you change their status from Published.

With this integration method, you will not be able to edit as much as in the other ones, but your jobs will be listed on your website, on your company domain.

NOTE: You can group your jobs by department or location, select the font, color, and size of the text that is displayed on the Widget. You can also choose if you want to display application forms on the Widget or on the Career site.

TalentLyft API

Using the API method, you will have direct access to your account data through REST API so you can get the information you need and present it the way you want.

This is a fully customizable way to integrate your career site with TalentLyft. You will have complete freedom to edit your career site as you like because the website will be on your company domain. This is the most complex integration method and you will need to include your developers in the integration process.

NOTE: You can access our public API documentation via this link.

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What are the benefits of integrating TalentLyft with our career site?

Integrating TalentLyft with your career site enhances the recruitment process by streamlining candidate applications, providing a seamless user experience, and ensuring that your job listings are always up-to-date.

Is there a cost associated with integrating TalentLyft with our career site?

TalentLyft offers integration features as part of its service. There are no additional costs specifically for integrating TalentLyft with your career site. Check our pricing information for a comprehensive overview of our service plans.

Are there security measures in place to protect candidate data during integration?

Yes, TalentLyft is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security. Our integration process is designed to ensure the privacy and security of candidate data, adhering to relevant data protection regulations.

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