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How to Change My Career Site Font and Colors?
How to Change My Career Site Font and Colors?

Learn how to customize your TalentLyt career site with your own brand colors and Fonts.

Updated over a week ago

To better customize your TalentLyft career site and to brand it with your own company colors, logo, favicon, and fonts, we made this customization option as simple as possible while giving you as much freedom as possible.
To change your website font and colors, open the Career site editor. Go to Convert and click on Edit career site.

Click on the website for which you want to change the text font and the color scheme.

NOTE: You will probably have only one website and the Create another website option.

After you have opened the Page settings, go back to the main website editor. You can do this by clicking on the back arrow two times.

Click on Settings and go to Colors and typography.

In the Colors and typography editor, you can change the Color scheme of your career site and select the Text font family.

NOTE: On the right side of the Colors and typography settings, you can see the text preview. That way, you will be able to see how your changes will be applied on the text and other elements of the site.

If you want to use custom fonts, you will need to add them to your TalentLyft career site, using custom CSS. To learn more about adding custom fonts to your TalentLyft career site, please visit this article.

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