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Navigation Through the Career Website Builder
Navigation Through the Career Website Builder

TalentLyft career website has multiple layers - learn how to navigate between them

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TalentLyft Career site editor is a powerful tool that allows you to build your own career website without any coding required. Create your company’s career site and showcase your company’s working culture, career opportunities, perks and benefits, and highlight your company’s mission and vision.

While building your careers website in TalentLyft, you will work on three layers:

To access your career website builder, open the Convert module and click on Edit career site.

1. Website

This is the top layer of your career website builder. TalentLyft career site builder allows you to build multiple websites. Branding and language are set up on the website layer, so if you want to have career pages in different languages and/or with different branding, you will want to create multiple websites.

If you don't need career sites in different languages or with different branding, just edit the one that is created by default and marked as your Primary website.

2. Page

Each website consists of multiple pages that are all in the same language and have the same branding. After selecting a website, click on Pages in the upper left corner of your screen to get to the Pages view.

The homepage is a regular page and you can add more pages like it into Main navigation or Not linked pages. These pages are fully editable and you can add different sections to them. They are used for multiple purposes, like special career pages for each department or landing pages.

3. Sections

You can add custom sections to each of the pages you have created. Sections that you add should be in line with the general theme of the page that you are adding them on.

For instance, if you are adding a FAQ page, it will, by default, have the Text/Picture section added that you can customize it, in more detail, while also add additional sections that you want/need.

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