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TalentLyft Careers Page - Team Section

Use the Team section to introduce yourself to potential candidates

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Let your potential candidates know who they'll work with if they get employed at your company. To connect a face to the name of a person who will conduct an interview or maybe be your boss can have very encouraging effect. Be proactive, make the first step, let your candidates know you before they decide if they want you to know them.

Use Team section for short introduction of your team. Add photos of your team members and provide basic information about them. You can also choose between 3 different layouts.

  • Header text - section title.

  • Subheader text - additional explanation of the section.

  • Show in menu - you can choose to show this section in the career page menu. If you want it to be displayed in the menu, enter the title of the section which will appear there.

  • Add member - add pictures of your team members and fill out the other information about them. You can rearrange your team members as you want by dragging and dropping their sections.

  • Name - team members' name.

  • Job position - team members' job position at the company.

  • Description - additional description for this team member

  • Twitter/Linkedin/Facebook/Instagram - links to the team members' profile on social networks.

Choose between three different layouts in the Layout tab.

When finished, your Team section will look similar to the one displayed in the Image below.

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