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TalentLyft Careers Page - Text/Video Section
TalentLyft Careers Page - Text/Video Section

Add texts and videos to your careers page to encourage potential candidates to apply

Updated over a week ago

Text/Video section allows you to make personalized content by adding videos to your text sections. Tell your visitors an interesting story about you as a company, show it to them in a form of a video and write something to accompany that video. It can be a great way to inspire your visitors to apply for an open position or to access your talent network.

When adding a Text/Video section, you can customize its content and layout. Add your text and video in the Content tab and then choose how you want it to be displayed in the Layout tab.

  • Header text – section title

  • Subheader text – additional explanation of the section

  • Text – any text you want your potential candidates to see.

  • Video URL – copy a URL link to your video.

By adding videos, text and video will be displayed one next to another or one below another. The layout tab currently offers two layouts.

1. The video is displayed to the left of the text.

2. The video is displayed above the text.

On the image below, you can see an example of a Text/Video section with the video displayed to the left of the text.

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