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TalentLyft Careers Page - Text/Picture Section
TalentLyft Careers Page - Text/Picture Section

Add texts and images to your careers page to encourage potential candidates to apply

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Text And Picture section has most use cases of all. Any text or image can be added here (as long as the image is not larger than 500 KB). This section allows you to be creative and make a personalized approach to your potential candidates. Tell them an interesting story about you, show it to them in a form of an image or a video and give them a compelling argument about why they should join you. Get as creative as you can to reach the goal of inspiring potential candidates to apply.

When adding a Text And Picture section, you can customize its content and layout. Add your text and picture in the Content tab and then choose how you want it to be displayed in the Layout tab.

  • Header text - section title.

  • Subheader text - additional explanation of the section.

  • Text - any text you want your potential candidates to see.

  • Image - image which will be added next to or below the text (position of the image is selected in the Layout tab).

You can also add images in the text editor. That way, an image can be placed in the middle of the text. To add images and videos to texts, use the image and video icons in the editor.

By uploading an image to the Image field, text and image will be displayed one next to another or one below another. The layout tab currently offers three layouts.

  1. The image is displayed to the right of the text.

  2. The image is displayed below the text.

  3. The image is displayed under the text.

On the image below, you can see an example of a Text And Picture section with the image is displayed under the text.

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