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TalentLyft Careers Page - Timeline Section
TalentLyft Careers Page - Timeline Section

How to customize your career page's Timeline section

Updated over a week ago

You can use this section to highlight certain company events, milestones or even customize it to represent your hiring process. This will help your future candidates to better understand the stages they will be going through, once they apply for a position.
Your visitors will be able to track your company’s progress and evolution, which will give them a better understanding of your company.

  • Header text – section title.

  • Subheader text – additional explanation of the section.

  • Show in menu – you can choose to show this section in the career site menu. If you want it to be displayed in the menu, enter the title of the section which will appear there.

  • Timeline text – introductory text for this section. This text will be located above the timeline events or values.

  • Add segment – this button will open a Timeline items window and there you can add/edit a new timeline entry.

  • Segment title – title of the timeline entry you wish to add/edit.

  • Description – additional description for the entry you wish to add/edit.

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