Custom Forms

Create custom forms and add them to your career site to have people register for your event or a newsletter

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To increase your talent pool, donโ€™t limit yourself only to candidates that applied for specific jobs. Bring in more potential candidates with our custom forms.

By filling out a form, your visitors will end up in your talent pool, and will willingly give their consent for data retention and processing with the purpose of future employment.

To create and publish a form on your Career site, go to Convert and open the Forms tab.

Click on the Add button to open the Form settings window.

The Form settings window has two tabs:

  • Form โ€“ for selecting which information will you ask of the person that is filling the form

  • Settings โ€“ select what happens after the form is submitted (will there be a thank you message or will the person get redirected to another page) and edit the auto response message that the person receives after submitting the form.

When you are happy with how the form looks like and you have edited the settings, on the right side on your screen is the Form status section, where you can Name your form, change its status and finally, Create your form.

NOTE: To edit an existing form, from the list of already created forms, click on the Pen icon for the form you wish to edit.

After you have created your form, you can add it to the Form section of your career site.

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