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Learn how to create and edit a CTA buttons to redirect your visitors to another web location

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Want more candidates, better conversion rate of visitors to candidates, or more talent in your talent pool? You won’t get it without the right call to action.

Using TalentLyft’s Call to action editor, you can label and customize your call to action button with the right message and the link to the selected page.

To create or edit your CTA, click on Convert and select the Call to actions tab.

To create a new CTA, click on the Add button to open the Call to action editor.

You can edit the following information regarding the CTA button:

  • Button label – write the text that will appear on the button

  • Redirect type – to which site or URL will the person be redirected after he/she clicks on the button. For the Page, you will be able to select the page from the dropdown menu; and for the URL, you will be able to write the external URL yourself

NOTE: There is also a preview of the button you are customizing.

When you are satisfied with your CTA, you can name your CTA, change its status to Published and click on the Create CTA to finish the customization.

After the CTA is created, you will be able to add it to the CTA section of your TalentLyft’s career site.

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