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TalentLyft Careers Page - Grid Section
TalentLyft Careers Page - Grid Section

Display some facts about your company or tell the visitors how you care about your employees by utilizing icons to make your page lively

Updated over a week ago

This section is intended to display lists. You can use it as a perks & benefits section, to show your visitors what will they be getting (besides paycheck) if they decide to apply for a position at your company. Also, you can use it as a stats section. Tell your visitors about your achievements or awards, tell them in how many countries you do business or how many offices do you have, and much more to share with them.
There are 2 layouts for this section, with or without a background image.

The key part of this section are the icons. Add an icon to every value you want to display to make it more attractive to visitors.

  • Header text - section title.

  • Subheader text - additional explanation of the section.

  • Show in menu - you can choose to show this section in the career page menu. If you want it to be displayed in the menu, enter the title of the section which will appear there.

  • Background image - select image to be displayed in the background of the list.

  • Add grid item – opens the additional window for adding new grid items.

  • Select icon - open icon palette by clicking on the name of the icon below.

  • Title - put your title text here.

  • Description – write a short description for your stats or perks.

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