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TalentLyft is very user-friendly to help you get adjusted as fast as possible

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We take special care of getting our customers adjusted as quickly as possible. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable using TalentLyft.

Whether you are using an ATS for the first time or you have experience with similar tools, we are here to provide guidance.

The Pro Onboarding process

Through our Onboarding process, you will learn how to edit your TalentLyft careers page, create, edit, publish and promote your jobs, manage candidates, personalize your TalentLyft experience, and much more.

The onboarding process consists of the following stages:

  • Kickoff call – We will define the timeline for your onboarding process, schedule training sessions, choose one of the three career site integration options, and organize the old candidate database import (if you want to import your old candidate data into TalentLyft). We will go over the details of your hiring process to better prepare for the later training sessions.

  • TalentLyft tool Training sessions - this part consists of three one-hour training sessions (if necessary, we can schedule additional sessions). Each of these sessions will focus on one of the key elements of TalentLyft.

    Training 1 – You will learn how to create a job in TalentLyft, edit job details and application form, and promote that job on social networks, job boards, and other channels of job promotion.

    Training 2 – Here, we will focus on managing candidates’ applications. How to review their applications, interact with them, arrange activities with your applicants, and much more.

    Training 3 – You will learn to manage your candidate database, source candidates through TalentLyft, and interpret analytic reports generated in TalentLyft. You will also learn how to edit your personal and application settings.

After the training sessions, you will be able to publish jobs, manage your candidates and hire new employees through TalentLyft.

  • Checkup calls – After the training is completed, you will start using TalentLyft on your own. We will stay in contact and schedule at least one checkup call to see how you are getting along.

Regardless of the level of proficiency and how long you have been using TalentLyft, our Customer Success team can help you with any questions you may have regarding the tool.

There is also our Knowledge Base, where you can find helpful articles about TalentLyft and its features.

If you are trying to find a way to do something in TalentLyft and you don’t know how or are unsure, you can always consult our Customer success team or try to find an article about that in our Knowledge base.

Career site integration

Parallel with the onboarding process, we will go through the integration process for your careers page and TalentLyft. There are three ways to do the integration. For more information about careers page integration, please see this article, or if you decide to use the TalentLyft careers page, please see this article.

Data migration process

If you decided to keep your old candidate information from your old candidate database (before you started using TalentLyft), here you can find the explanation for the whole data migration process and what needs to be done.

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