Using the EEO Report

Avoid discrimination and create a fair and inclusive work environment that values diversity using EEO reports.

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EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Report will help you to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or other protected characteristics, have equal job employment opportunities at your company.

TalentLyft EEO Report keeps track of candidate applications and focuses on tracking the important key characteristics of your candidates like:

  • Race

  • Disability status

  • Veteran status

  • Sex

The report will track how many applications in total you received from each group, how many qualified candidates you have, the number of disqualified candidates, and how many were hired from each of the groups.

NOTE: Please note that EEO/OFCCP Reports will only be available if you have turned on the Enable EEO survey option under your Compliance settings and that the questions are optional for your candidates to answer and identify themselves.

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