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Setting Up Your Referral Program in TalentLyft
Setting Up Your Referral Program in TalentLyft

Learn how to set up, use, and track the success of your referral program

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In this article, we will go over the process of adding new members and setting up your referral program in TalentLyft. This is a great way to widen your candidate reach by adding your current employees to a referral program so they can additionally promote your jobs.

Each referral member you contact (via referral email message) can share a link to a job with their connections. Every candidate who applies via that unique link will be referred by that exact employee.

How to Add Members to the Referral Program

To add a new referral member or members, please go to your Employee directory, which is located in your App settings.

When adding a new member or members to a referral program, click on the Add new employee button. To add multiple referral members at the same time, click on the Bulk Upload employees button.

For the bulk upload option, you will need to upload a CSV file containing information like first name, last name, email address & department, but only First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are required fields.

NOTE: To make your bulk upload even easier, you can use our CSV template, which can be accessed and downloaded from the Bulk upload employees window. Before uploading the CSV file, ensure that the document is saved and uploaded as a UTF-8 file.

NOTE: You can also later update the list or replace it with a new one. If you want to replace an existing list with a new one, just tick the Keep only employees in CSV checkbox before uploading the new CSV file.

You can add your employees to the list only once, and they will appear on the list for every existing and all future jobs.

NOTE: Once you add an employee to the Employee directory list, they will be available for both Referral and Internal mobility emails.

Setting up your Employee Referral Emails and Automation

After setting up your list of employees that are available for your referral and internal mobility emails, you will need to set up your referral emails and whether will they be sent automatically, to which members, or manually.

Please open your Automation tab when you open the Employee directory section of your App settings.

There you can set up your referral email that will be sent to all the members of the Employee directory list that are selected for a specific job or you send the automated email to all members or just the ones from that department.

NOTE: If you select the Don’t send an e-mail, I’ll choose candidates manually option, you will be able to send your referral emails to selected members from each job that you are editing and promoting.

After an employee receives your referral email, it will look something like this:

Each member will receive his/her own unique link to the job for which they received the referral email. They can then share their links with their friends, and contacts if they want them to apply for the position.

Because each member’s share link is unique, you will be able to track which candidate applied using which team member’s share link.

NOTE: You can also track the success of your referral program and the success of each member.

Manually Sending Referral Emails and Tracking

After you have already set up your Referral program, you can check on each job and track the success of the program on that job specifically. You can also manually send referral emails to members and access the Analytics reports related to the program.

Please go to the job's Get candidates screen and open the Employee referral section.

There you can track the success of the referral program for that job, ask more employees for referrals, and check the detailed analytics.

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