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Candidate Data Export from TalentLyft CRM
Candidate Data Export from TalentLyft CRM

Export candidate data from TalentLyft in the form of a CSV file

Updated over a week ago

If for any reason, you need to export candidates’ data from TalentLyft, we made it possible in the form of a CSV file. After the export is done, you will receive an email with the download link containing the file.

To request the export, click on Engage, then go to the Candidates tab.

Select the candidates whose information you wish to export. When they are selected, click on the more options icon located on the upper right side of your screen and select the Export data option.

After clicking on Export data, you will receive a message that the export is done successfully.

A couple of minutes later, depending on the number of candidates exported, you will receive a confirmation email that the export is completed, containing the download link for the ZIP file. Click on the download button to download the ZIP file containing the CSV file.

NOTE: The information you will receive in your export will match the columns you have added to your table view in Engage.

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