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TalentLyft Inbox
Updated over a week ago

After setting up your notification preferences, you will start getting notifications after certain actions (it depends on your settings). To make notifications more visible, we have put your Inbox icon on the main dashboard. In your inbox, you can view your notifications, interact with them and, after you reviewed them, mark them as read to close them.

To access your inbox, click on the Bell icon, located on the upper right side of your screen.

When you receive new notifications, the number will appear next to the bell icon.

When you are on your Notification screen, the search bar is located on the top of your screen.

On the right side of your screen are the filters. You can filter notifications by Job or by Type.

When you are done reviewing a notification (by clicking on it), click on the Mark as read icon for that notification.

After clicking that, the notification will be in darker gray, indicating that is read.

To mark all your unread notifications and mark them as read, click on the Mark as read button on the upper right side of your screen.

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