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Using TalentLyft as an External Recruiter
Using TalentLyft as an External Recruiter

You can cooperate easily with people from the company

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TalentLyft is an online recruitment platform, made to simplify the hiring process, including communication between team members. It helps companies create and promote new open positions, track and manage candidates as they move through the hiring pipeline.
When you are invited to collaborate as an external recruiter for a particular position, you will receive an invitation email.

Creating the TalentLyft account profile

After you opened the email simply click Confirm invitation and it will take you to the signup page where you enter your email and password.

NOTE: If you don't have a TalentLyft account, you will need to create a new account by clicking on Sign up here highlighted text.

After you log in, you will see the TalentLyft dashboard with the open position that you are working on.

Adding candidates to your client's openings

There are 3 ways to add candidates. To add a new candidate, you will need to open the stage where you want to add the news candidate to. On the upper right side of your screen, you will see the More options icon and there you can select the Add candidates option.

  • Add candidates manually - you enter the candidate's name, email, and upload CV

  • Upload resumes - you drag n drop multiple CVs and the parser creates new profiles automatically

  • Job email and job shortlink - click on the Share button on your right and simply forward the candidate's CV and it will automatically create a new candidate profile, or share the job-specific shortlink with your contacts.

If you wish to add other documents such as cover letters and similar, you can add them by clicking on a button inside the candidate's profile.

Collaboration with the client

As you are easily identified as a candidate source, you can easily communicate with your client on the hiring process. Inside the candidate's profile, you can leave notes, add attachments and use @mentions, which will notify the person you mentioned (they will get a notification in their TalentLyft inbox).


Can I see the exact time and date that I uploaded a candidate to TalentLyft?
Yes, every event or comment in TalentLyft is date stamped. Simply roll over the date to see the exact details.

Should I move candidates to the next stage when the client wants to interview them?
We consider the hiring process a collaborative one so you are able to move candidates but in order to be on the same page with your client, you should discuss with them what exactly you should do.

What are the comments for?
As an external recruiter, you can use comments to add additional details about a candidate that might not feature on a resume. For example; their notice period, interview availability, etc. You can also attach a file to a comment, like a portfolio or an interview assignment, or add emoji. This way you can discuss the candidate with the client.

What if I can’t find my invitation – or I haven’t received one?
If you’re unable to find the email, check your spam folder, and your deleted email folder. Still can’t find it? Ask your client to delete you from the system and resend the invitation.

More than one of my clients is using TalentLyft. What’s the best way to manage that?
See our guide to managing multiple accounts.

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