Bounced Emails to Candidates

I have emailed a candidate, but the email is in the Bounced status. What does it mean?

Updated over a week ago

A bounced email is an email message that was not delivered to a candidate.

There is a variety of reasons why an email message was not delivered to a candidate. These are the most common ones:

  • The candidate has entered a wrong email address

  • The candidate’s inbox is full

  • Email server outage

  • Flagged message content by candidate’s email filters

If it is something temporary, and the sent email can’t be delivered at first, don’t worry. TalentLyft will try resending the email 5 times. After the 5th time, if the email wasn’t successfully delivered, TalentLyt will mark that email as Bounced.

If you notice this, you should try contacting the candidate through a different communication channel. For instance, via phone.

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