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How to Send a Consent Request Via Email?
How to Send a Consent Request Via Email?

Request privacy policy & retention period consents from candidates who are sourced, imported, applied by email or their consent is expiring.

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Sending consent requests to candidates is usually done in the following cases:

  1. You have sourced a candidate and the job that you sourced him/her is Archived;

  2. You have imported candidates from a legacy ATS;

  3. You have received an application via email;

  4. The candidate's retention period consent has expired or is expiring soon.

If you have found yourself in any of these cases, continue reading, this article is meant for you.

You can send emails to individual candidates or groups of candidates with the link to the consent page, asking them to give their consent. These emails can be sent through Track or Engage modules as single or bulk emails.

Write the subject and the message asking them for consent, and insert a placeholder for the link to their Consent update page. To add the placeholder, click on the Placeholder icon, located in your text editor toolbar, and select the Consent request placeholder.

When you are satisfied with how your message looks like, click on the Send button.

After a couple of minutes, the selected candidates will receive an email that will look like this:

When the candidates click on the link, it will open the Consent window, where they can update their consents.

They can update their consent by ticking the checkboxes that aren't ticked or unticking the ones that are ticked. The updates will immediately be applied to their profiles in TalentLyft, activity for updating a consent will be added to their timeline and you will be able to see the changes.
To find out whose retention period consent is expiring soon, check out this article.

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