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Why Some Resumes Can’t be Previewed?
Why Some Resumes Can’t be Previewed?

Learn why some of the resumes can't be previewed in TalentLyft and what is the solution.

Updated over a week ago

After a candidate fills out the application form and applies, TalentLyft will store his/her application information in the system.
When it comes to resumes, when uploading resumes into the system and previewing them, TalentLyft will always try to convert resumes into PDF documents since it is the only way to preview them in the tool.

if you come across a candidate that has the Resume is being processed message in the Resume section, these are the reasons this can happen:

  • Protected view – resume is saved and attached by a candidate, when applying for a position, as a word document that is in protected view, TalentLyft will not be able to preview it in the system since it can’t access it to convert it into a PDF

  • resume is saved and attached by a candidate as a docs file that isn’t well formatted and the parsing tool can’t process and preview that document

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

If this happens, you can download the resume, convert it into a PDF file and upload it. After the file is uploaded as a PDF file, TalentLyft will be able to preview it.

To learn how to upload a resume, please visit this article.

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