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Why Can’t I See My Archived and Draft Positions?
Why Can’t I See My Archived and Draft Positions?

Find out where to find your archived jobs in TalentLyft.

Updated over a week ago

Archived and Draft positions are classified as Other job statuses and will not be visible on your Track dashboard if you have it set up to see only Active job statuses (Published, Internal and Closed).

Finding your Archived jobs

Once you've finished your selection process and hired one or multiple candidates, it is time to change the job's status to Archived.

Next time you come back to your main dashboard, the job will no longer be visible. Don't worry, you can still find and access any job you've archived.

Go to the filters section and choose to filter jobs according to their status.

A dropdown list will appear, where five job statuses will be available for filter - Published, Internal, Closed, Archived and Draft.

By selecting the Archived status, you will receive a list of every job opening you've archived.

Finding your Draft jobs

When you're creating a job, its status will be set to Draft before you publish it.

You can find your Draft jobs by filtering the jobs in the Track field by their status and selecting the Draft option.

You can also set the filter to show you your Archived and Draft jobs together.

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