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Understanding the Job Requisitions Dashboard

What information is available on your main Job requisitions dashboard, and where is it located

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This article will help you better understand the Job requisitions dashboard, making it easier for you to keep track of your job requisitions.

Searching and Filtering Job requisitions

At the top of the dashboard, you will find the Search bar and the Filter options.

Searching your Job requisitions

When searching for a specific job requisition you can use the requisition's full name or a word from its full name.

Filtering your Job requisitions

You can use the following filters to find the relevant group of job requisitions easily:

  • Status - the job requisition's current status. Here you can find more information about different job requisition statuses.

  • Department - a department within your company where this job requisition was opened

  • Location - a location of this job requisition, where the person will be working when hired for the position

  • Hiring manager - filter job requisitions by the name of the hiring manager that opened the requisition

Additional Job requisition actions

The available Job requisition actions will depend on the requisition's status.
​Approved job requisitions, will have the following actions available:

  • Notifications - here you can read new notifications related to job requisitions

  • Edit requisition - allows you to make additional changes to the already approved job requisitions, such as changing the requisition name, hiring manager, and the requisition owner.
    πŸ’‘β€‹ If a requisition isn't already linked to an active job, you will also have the option to Edit and publish a job.

  • View job and job details - by hovering your mouse cursor over the briefcase icon you will open the additional information window where you can open the job created from this requisition

  • View - you can view the entire job requisition form, not just the highlighted fields and information

  • Go to job page - only available if the job was already created from this job requisition and will redirect you to the job's current pipeline

  • Put on hold - Puts the requisition temporarily on hold if the recruitment is currently suspended for that requisition and job, due to external factors. Can also be resumed later.

  • Cancel - the option to completely cancel the already approved job requisition so that a new one can be created instead.

Understanding different Job requisition statuses




Requisitions that are still in preparation and you are still editing but not yet sent for approval.


The requisition was canceled without hiring a candidate or filling your set headcount.


The approval workflow is underway, but is not yet completed. Learn more about approving/rejecting requisitions.


The approval workflow is completed, and the job requisition is approved as all the approvers gave their approval


The requisition was rejected during the approval workflow.


A candidate or candidates were successfully hired and were added to the set headcount.

On hold

The hiring for this job is temporarily stopped due to external factors.

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