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Filling the Headcount for a Job Requisition

Learn how to link your hired candidates to job requisitions.

Updated over a week ago

Every new candidate that will be moved to the Hired stage for a job connected to a job requisition will be counted toward the set headcount for that job requisition.

When hiring candidates, by moving them to the Hired stage, you will need to fill out and define the Start date and the salary-related information. The hired candidate will be counted towards the set Headcount for the Job requisition when they are moved to the Hired stage and the relevant information is saved.

After a candidate is connected to a job requisition, the activity will be logged on the candidate's activity feed with the relevant information available.

When reviewing your job requisitions, on the Job requisitions list, you can also hover your mouse cursor to check which candidates were hired for that job requisition.

Headcount is one of the default job requisition form fields that you will need to fill out before sending a job requisition for approval.
Please note that after a headcount is reached, you won’t be able to hire new candidates (move them to the Hired stage for that job).

💡Headcount can’t be edited after a job requisition is approved.

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