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Creating and Managing your Job Requisitions

Formalize your hiring flow within your organization and make sure all the formal steps are followed before you create and publish a new job.

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Before you start using job requisitions, please make sure the Job requisition feature is active under your App settings.

Creating a new Job requisition

To create a new job requisition, from your main Track dashboard, please open the Job requisitions tab and click on the Add requisition button.

Linking a requisition to a job

The first step will be to choose if you wish to create a Job Requisition for an existing job, if so, you will need to pick a job to connect it to or to create a completely new job.

  • Link to an existing job - this option is used if you already have a job that is suitable for filling the requisition you are editing

  • Create a new job - this option is used when you don't have a suitable job to fill the requisition you are currently editing

Filling out the job requisition form

Before you send the Job requisition for approval, you will need to fill out the job requisition form.

Here is the list of default fields that you will need to fill out before you can send the job requisition for approval.

  • Requisition name - the internal name of your Job requisition after it is created and visible on your Job requisitions list

  • Hiring manager - the person who makes the hiring decision and to whom the new employee will report to

  • Requisition owner - the person responsible for publishing and promoting the job and finding the candidates

  • Headcount - define the headcount for the job requisition. How many employees do you plan on hiring

  • Reason for hire - is it a New hire or a Replacement

  • Department - select the department under which the job requisition and eventually the job will be created.

  • Contract type - selectable from a dropdown list if this is a Permanent, Freelance, Internship, etc. role

  • Planned start date - select the expected start date for the new hire or hires

  • Country - the country where the job will be performed

  • State/Region - state or a region where the job will be performed

  • City - the city where the job will be performed

  • Zip code - the ZIP code of the city where the job will be performed

  • Salary frequency - how often will the new hire be paid

  • Salary range from and to - set up the minimum and the maximum amount that the hired person can be paid for the role

  • Salary currency - select the currency in which the hired candidate will be paid

  • Additional note field - here you can add any additional information related to a job requisition that you want to share with your approvers and/or other recruiters who will be reviewing the requisition

πŸ’‘If you have previously added your requisition custom fields, they will also be included in the form here.

Once you are done filling out the requisition form fields, you can Send it for approval.

Please note that you can define your approval workflow and add additional workflows under your Job requisition App settings.


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