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Enabling and Setting up Your Job Requisitions

Improve your hiring process and save time by creating formal position requests and setting up an approval process.

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When you enable Job requisitions, each created requisition will need to be linked to a specific job and approved by all members of the approval workflow before candidates can be moved to the Hired stage on the linked job.

Turning on Job requisitions on your TalentLyft company account

To start using job requisitions for your hiring process by creating formal position requests and setting up an approval process please click on your Profile icon and go to App settings.

Under App settings, please go to the Job requisitions section and enable the Use Job requisitions option.

Customizing Your Job Requisition Settings

Requisition code

If you have used Job Requisitions in another tool before TalentLyft and would like to continue the number roll, you can use the same code format and continue the numbers from where you last stopped.

Approval workflows

You can create a simple workflow process or a multi-step requisition approval process with relevant approvers for each step.

You can also create additional approval workflows, besides the default one, to include all the relevant approvers.

If a job requisition doesn't match any custom approval workflow based on department or location, the default approval workflow applies.

When setting up your approval workflow, please include your approvers for each step of the process or just customize the one approval step if you only need to use one.

When adding approvers to an approval step, you can add your TalentLyft team members by selecting them from the list of suggested approvers or you can ask people outside your TalentLyft company account for approvals by entering their email addresses.

💡To add approvers who don’t have access to your TalentLyft company account, you can enter their email addresses by just clicking on the Approver line and confirming the email address with the Enter key.

When two or more approvers are added to the same approval step you can specify if it is enough for one of them to approve the requisition or all of them before moving to the next approval step or approving the requisition if it is a single-step flow.

By clicking on the Add approval step you can add additional steps to your approval flow and add approvers for that specific step.

💡Additional approval workflows can also be created for specific requisitions that are unique for specific departments and/or locations.

Any requisitions that do not match your additional workflow setup by department and/or location will use the default approval workflow.

Job requisition form

Customize the Job requisition form according to your needs using custom fields.

Initially, Job requisition will have predefined fields such as requisition name, hiring manager, plan start date, location, salary, etc.

By adding custom fields to your requisition forms, you can also add other relevant information related to the job requisition.

There are four different field types you can add:

  • Single line text

  • Decimal number

  • Single choice

  • Date field

When adding custom job requisition fields, they can be added as Optional or Mandatory to fill out when creating a new job requisition.

They can also be marked as Field requires re-approval if edited.
This means that the requisition will be sent for approval if this field was edited after the requisition already entered the approval process, but wasn’t finally approved.

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