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Mastering Job Requisitions with our Implementation Guide
Mastering Job Requisitions with our Implementation Guide

Learn how to easily set and use job requisitions with our comprehensive implementation guide

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Say goodbye to vague descriptions. Job requisitions bring precision to what you need, making hiring crystal clear.

With them, you can easily manage your job details, such as headcount, salary, hiring manager's name, and hiring reasons.

You can create requisitions whenever you have hiring needs, and stakeholders can review and approve them.

Once the candidates are hired, you can see detailed Hiring Plan reports on goal achievements and easily forecast your hiring budget.

Follow our guide for the best workflow in setting up and using job requisitions:

Step 1: Set up your Job requisitions

Set up your approval workflows and requisition forms based on your recruitment processes.

  1. Enable Job requisitions to see additional settings options

  2. Set up default and custom approval workflows for specific departments or locations

  3. Customize the Job requisition form according to your needs using custom fields

Step 2: Hire with requisitions

Follow these recommended hiring steps with requisitions to maximize your team's productivity and quickly bring on top talent.

  1. Create a new job requisition and choose to either link it to an existing job or to create a new job through the requisition

  2. Send requisition for approval

  3. After the approval, open the requisition and publish the job

  4. Fill the requisition by moving the candidate to the Hired stage

Step 3: Track and monitor real-time data

Track your progress, view reports, and stay on budget with our Hiring Plan report.

Job Requisitions kick off your hiring journey smoothly, setting the stage for a precise and powerful candidate search. When paired with Job Offers & eSignatures, you seamlessly transition from identifying the perfect fit to swiftly securing their commitment - all in one harmonious workflow.

๐Ÿ’กJob requisitions are available in all Pro plans and can be purchased as separate add-on for Starter plans.

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