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Job Offers & eSignatures Made Easy with our Implementation Guide
Job Offers & eSignatures Made Easy with our Implementation Guide

Secure top-tier candidates quicker than ever, ensuring you don't lose them to drawn-out offer processes

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Just like job requisitions, eSignatures are your secret weapon for an agile and efficient recruitment journey. With our Job Offers & eSignatures feature, you'll speed up the hiring process, impress candidates with seamless offers, and cut down on paperwork hassle.

Follow our guide for the best workflow in setting up and sending eSignature documents:

Step 1: Before you start

Before implementing eSignatures, consider the following:

  • What documents require signatures?

  • At which pipeline stage should they be signed?

  • Do templates involve changing details each time, like variables or fill-in-the-blanks?

  • Identify who needs to approve or sign offer letters before sending them to candidates.

Step 2: Set up your eSignature offer and document templates

Set up your document and offer templates and approval workflows based on your recruitment processes.

Step 3: Sending the eSignature documents and offer letters

After you have successfully set up your templates and workflows, it's time to start sending your e-documents.

Step 4: Track and analyze real-time data

Get instant insights into your recruitment process, helping you make data-driven decisions. Spot bottlenecks, track candidate progress, and streamline your workflow effortlessly.

Job Offers & eSignatures are the final touch to your hiring journey. After using Job Requisitions to find great candidates, you can effortlessly move to the next step - securing their commitment hassle-free. By combining these features, create a smoother and more engaging journey, making candidates feel valued.

๐Ÿ’กJob Offers & eSignatures are available in all Pro plans and can be purchased as separate add-on for Starter plans.

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