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eSignatures tags

Learn how to use eSignatures tags in documents

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To use TalentLyft's document and offer management feature, you will first need to create your eSignature document in your regular text editor, for example, in MS Word.

Your document or offer can contain eSignature tags that will be automatically populated when adding information for each document or offer you send out to candidates.
Each time you send this template to a candidate, you will be prompted to fill in the tag fields with relevant information that will be added to the document or offer.

Below you can find the list of mandatory and optional default eSignature tags you can add to your documents or offers and also an explanation of how to create and add your custom tags to documents and offers.

Mandatory default

  • {candidate_signature}

Optional default

  • {today_date}

  • {start_date}

  • {expiration_date}

  • {company_signature}

  • {company_signatory_name}

  • {candidate}

  • {company}

  • {direct_manager}

  • {paid_time_off_numeric}

  • {sick_days_numeric}

  • {job_responsibilities}

  • {job_title}

  • {salary}

Custom tags

You can set up and use your custom tags for any custom values that you want to automatically add to your documents and offers.

When adding a custom tag to a document or an offer, please put the text inside curly braces. It can contain multiple words as you can divide them with _

Here is an example of a custom tag and how it is used.

Custom tag is {benefits} and it is added on the offer document template

Before sending the offer or a document for approval or directly to candidates for digital signing, you will need to fill out the form for updating default and custom tags for that specific document. This is how the {benefits} tag was added to the form.

If we fill out the field like this Free dental, Carpooling, Extra vacation time

The document will be updated with that specific value where you have added the {benefits} tag on the document when it is sent for approval and to a candidate later.

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