The Pipeline activities report focuses on your activities, as a recruiter. How engaged you are in which stage of the hiring pipeline.

You can see the total number of emails sent, events arranged, calls, notes left and evaluations made in each of the stages of the hiring pipeline.
You can exclude some activities from the chart report, by clicking on the name of tat activity, below the chart.

The more detailed, tabulated breakdown for this report, is located below the chart.
The information is divided into the following values, for each of the stages:

  • Applications – total number of applications in that stage

  • Email – total number of sent emails in that stage

  • Event – total number of events created in that stage

  • Call – total number of calls with your candidates in that stage

  • Note – total number of notes left on candidates in that stage

  • Evaluation – total number of evaluations made to candidates in that stage

  • Total Activities – total number of activities done with your candidates in that stage

  • Activities per application – correlation between activities and applications

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