TalentLyft Language Kit

Attract, communicate, and hire candidates in different languages

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TalentLyft Language Kit enables you to provide fully translated candidate experience in multiple languages. If you have multiple career sites in different languages, you can match the career site language with a specific translation.

From job descriptions and application forms, your department names, automatic messages, and email templates to GDPR privacy notices, everything can be translated. You can now select up to 24 languages and translate your original text to different languages.
Once you translate the original text, it will show on the appropriate career site.

NOTE: Here you can find the list of available languages.

How to enable TalenLyft Language Kit

To enable the Language kit, go to Profile โ€“ App settings โ€“ Company settings โ€“ Language settings.

NOTE: After you enable multiple languages, you will need to select at least 2 languages and make one of them your default language. The default language will be used as a fallback. If you donโ€™t have a career site on one of those selected languages, the Default language will be used for that career site.

After you save your changes, the Multiple language options will be enabled.

How to translate something into different languages

After you have enabled the Language kit, you will have the option to translate messages, job descriptions, etc., into different languages.

When you edit something that can be translated, you will see the language buttons appear. One of them will always be your default language.

After you click on the button for the selected language, you can write that message or text in that language. After you save your changes, that message or text will appear on the career site that uses the same language.

What exactly can be translated

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